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The furnitures Baden Haus are mainly realized in MDF coated by PVC, which is scratchproof, fireproof and waterproof.

For the majority of our collection, it is possible to choose the washbasin in ceramic, glass and resin material.

Every collection Baden Haus is available in a wide range of sizes and high gloss finishes, matt finishes and wood finishes, displayed in the pages of the section dedicated to the collections.

The lighting Baden Haus are totally realized with LED, ensuring energy savings of 80/90% compared to a conventional incandescent or halogen lighting and a life of 3/5 times longer. The lighting LED can exceed 50,000 hours of activity reducing maintenance costs. They do not produce heat and withstand the high temperatures. Unlike normal halogen bulbs, they do not contain mercury and do not emit UV rays harmful to health.

The photographed compositions that are in our website are just some compositional ideas, every collection can be realized in the sizes and finishes proposed in the pages of each collection.

All the furnitures Baden Haus are equipped with soft closing drawers and soft closing doors: hinges and slides are guaranteed respectively for 200.000 cycles for doors and 150.000 cycles for drawers. Hinges and slides assembled in furnitures have 3 type of regulations, as written in the instruction available in Download section.


The furniture Baden Haus are designed considering a standard hydraulic system: the water discharge is positioned at 45/50cm from the ground, and the connection of hot and cold water are positioned at 50/55cm from the ground, leaving a distance from the two connections of 20/30cm, as the following drawing:

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Taking as reference the upper edge of the washbasin, normally the bathroom furniture are positioned at 85cm from the ground, but this height can vary from 85 to 90cm depending on the height of the user.

For furnitures with drawers, the placement of the furniture respect the center of wall discharge has a small margine, corresponding to the siphon passage between drawers (around 10cm).
For furnitures with doors, the margine is much wider.

All the instructions for installation and adjustment of furnitures can be downloaded from this website, in the Download section, typing the item number in the section 'Find documents'.

Baden Haus tests and calibrate all the products before packing and verify the perfect functionality. However during the transport these millimeter adjustments might move and require a repositioning by the user. For this reason all the doors and drawers have adjustments available from Download section in 'Search document'.


For cleaning the wooden parts, use a slightly wet microfiber cloth. Avoid using abrasives, acids and / or aggressive products and do not leave standing water on tops and on wooden parts.

Despite being a very durable material, the glass can be damaged by strong impact or falls on it and by the strong tightening of the drain around the drain hole.
It is recommended to tighten the drain by hand avoiding heavy pressure with hydraulic tools that could crack the glass.
Generally the surface is very resistant to acids products, common limescale remover, that those basic, such as bleach.
For surface cleaning use normal products for cleaning glass or a neutral pH detergent. It is also recommended to avoid sudden changes in temperature and it is recommended not to exceed the 60 ° temperature for hot water.

To remove the limescale, dirt and stains which could settle on surface, it is enough clean with soapy water or with common non-abrasive detergents with non-abrasive sponge or cotton cloth, having care of rinse the surface. The resin is a material with good heat resistance, however, avoid placing hot objects on the surface. We do not recommend the use of aggressive chemicals such as acetone, trichlorethylene, strong acids. Some substances such as ink, cosmetics and hair dyes, in prolonged contact with the material may release dye on the surface.

All the products Baden Haus are under warranty for 24 months from the purchasing date written on the invoice or sales receipt. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects and excludes breakage caused by impact and / or shock during transport and during installation.



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